indecisionGreg Mulholland abstained this week on the crucial same-sex marriage vote.

Most of us would be forgiven for thinking this was a bill which addressed a central Liberal principle – and most Liberal MPs did.

This was a free vote, and there were people who took strong principled stands on both sides. But the MP for NW Leeds took a principled stand on abstention.

His reason – “It is a confused and flawed piece of legislation” – a badly drafted bill which didn’t meet all his concerns. It’s interesting that it met the concerns of most of his LibDem colleagues – only four of them voted against. Clearly Vince Cable, Menzies Campbell, Nick Clegg and the rest must have been letting their heavy-weight intellects slumber here.

But the agonised Mr Mulholland wouldn’t say yes, and he wouldn’t say no – we’re sure he was not sitting on the fence in the hope of not offending any voters.

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