The Twitter-sphere is an interesting space these days, and one where people express themselves – often very revealingly.
Followers of Leeds Tory Councillor Joe Marjoram will certainly have found much to ponder on his Twitter profile.

We’d hate to give Councillor Marjoram the oxygen of publicity – though you’ll find he’s very happy to retweet Nigel Farage’s offerings: “The UKIP people I know are fine people with reasonable views”(6th January 2013). And he’s got some fairly typical loony right obsessions about windfarms, single sex marriage and such.

But sometimes his excesses really do require rebuttal and comment.
On 5 January Councillor Joe Marjoram tweeted

“Is it wrong to suggest the obesity crisis could be the answer to the pension crisis?”

Yes, you did read that right – and yes, that was what he meant.

As Labour’s Neil Taggart responds ‘This tweet is not funny and is grossly offensive and insensitive. Millions of people throughout the world suffer because of obesity, despite the best efforts of many of them to live healthier lives and to lose weight (and not all obesity is connected to the intake of food and drink, of course: some people have genetic or nervous or emotional conditions or illnesses which present as obesity).

To cynically suggest, as Councillor Marjoram does, that the pension bill of the nation be reduced by the early death of a section of the population, tells us a lot about how this person thinks. He is an embarrassment to us all.”

What was that about the nasty party?

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