Linda McAvan’s March e-bulletin is out.Copy_of_LindaSpeaking.RegConf.2010

Highlights include Linda’s comments on the Cyprus crisis and the EU cap on bankers’ bonuses

‘Eurozone leaders must find a way of saving the banks, without taking more money from the people

The emergence of yet another banking crisis at a time when we are discussing structural banking reform underlines the need to push ahead with reform to change the culture and structure of our banks.’

‘EU moves to cap bankers bonuses
You may have heard George Osborne recently complaining about the ‘unfair’ a cap on bankers bonuses the EU is set to bring in. At a time when the British public are struggling to pay for the failures of the banking sector, George Osborne is still reluctant to upset the bankers who caused many of the problems.’

Update on bees ‘Tories delay chemical restrictions’

and more on the ending of cosmetic testing on animals.

Linda has been leading of tobacco restrictions.

All this and more – read it here

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