Faced with the draconian cuts imposed by the Coalition on local councils, Leeds Council has been forced to consider all options for reducing expenditure. Among the proposals, is one to introduce selective part-night street-lighting.???????????????????

The council is looking at the way the roads are lit at night and is proposing to switch off some street lights for part of the night, for example, between midnight and 6am on a mixture of main and residential roads.

“A recent desk top study of the existing street lighting has suggested that we can safely switch off 1 in 8 lamps on main roads and 1 in 14 lamps on residential roads.”

Any moves will only follow full risk assessment, and a process of public consultation.

“Part-night switching will be avoided:
On roads with a significant road traffic accident record during the proposed switch-off period.
In areas with above average record of crime during the proposed switch-off period.
In areas with a police record of frequent anti-social behaviour during the proposed switch-off period.
In areas provided with CCTV local authority/police surveillance equipment.
In areas with sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people.
Around 24hr operational emergency services sites including hospitals.
At formal pedestrian crossings, subways, and enclosed footpaths and alleyways where one end links to a street that is lit all night.
Where there are potential hazards on the highway such as roundabouts, central carriageway islands, chicanes and traffic calming features.
By introducing these proposals it has the potential to save around £1.3 million on energy costs over the next ten years.”

You can get further information here.

There is a process of consultation underway, from 11 February to 5 April 2013.
You can take part in the survey by clicking here.

The outcome of the consultation will be available from 6 May 2013.

This is an important issue – not just as a cost-cutting exercise, but because of the energy saving implications, and thus the place of this proposal in the Green agenda.
“With over 92,000 street lights in Leeds, consuming about £4 million of electricity every year it makes sense to explore more efficient ways of service provision to help reduce carbon emissions and deal with the continuing increase in energy charges.’

Make sure you have your say.

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