Leeds Labour council is due to discuss some important changes to the way properties are allocated to council tenants.
The proposed changes reflect the results of a wide-spread process of consultation. They include
— tackling antisocial behaviour
– emphasis on the rights – but also the responsibilities of tenants.
– committing to retaining a waiting list open to all.
– continuing to help tenants affected by welfare changes through promoting home swaps and other options available to them.

At their heart is the replacement of automated computer-based decision making on letting. This will be matched by more staff training to deal with these questions.

Welcome back to the experience and knowledge of local housing managers!

Councillor Peter Gruen, imagesLeeds City Council executive board member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said:
“We are announcing some very important and fundamental changes to how we operate our Lettings Policy.
“Most importantly, we are suggesting returning the day-to-day management of housing to housing managers and their teams.
“Active, practical and knowledgeable decision making will be the basis of ‘intelligent’ housing management. This could replace the largely automated computer based process currently in operation. Housing managers will organise home swaps and take account of local factors when making decisions.
“We have consulted widely with our tenants, voluntary sector housing organisations and the voluntary sector to find out how the policy should look”

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