The “requires improvements” judgement has been handed down to Batley Grammar School in Yorkshire and Kings Science Academy in Bradford.

This is the third-lowest of the four possible grades that Ofsted can give – one above the “inadequate” rating. Each school now faces another full-scale inspection within the next two years.

The free school programme is a flagship part of Michael Gove’s own personal agenda being applied to our children’s schooling. His ideologically driven obsessions are cornering a huge and disproportionate part of the education budget – and all our children are paying the price.
Thus a third of the Department for Education’s staff are dealing with academies and free schools. But only about 10 per cent of all state schools are academies or free schools.

The free school flagship programme was supposed to raise standards. But it is clearly failing children in Bradford and Batley. Batley Grammar was formerly in the private sector. This judgement suggests that standards in the private sector might not be as good as is assumed by Michael Gove.

Gove is now is considering privatising academies and free schools.  A recently leaked memo showed just how far he is preparing to go.

You might well be forgiven for wondering why Gove is wasting money on pet projects while we need thousands of school places in the primary sector and a recent report suggests many schools needs urgent repairs.

The Lib-Dems express their concerns. But they are actively complicit in these plans, as part of the Coalition. They can’t duck responsibility for mismanagement of the education budget and the development of failing policies.

Meanwhile UKIP’s answer – a return to old-fashioned grammar schools – offers no more than a return to the system which failed the bulk of our children for so long.
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Labour is a one nation party committed to a free publicly controlled education system.

Labour is determined to create schools in which ALL children can achieve.

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