The Labour party is committed to a bottom-up rethinking of its policies – involving everyone.bbcf7db0-c752-1244-f92c-89b419782055
It has created eight policy commissions which are tasked with carrying out the detailed work developing ideas within their specialist areas. They meet regularly to consider the submissions made through the national website. They listen to evidence from experts, and are responsible for drafting the Challenge Papers and Policy Document.
The membership of each of Labour’s policy commissions is drawn from Labour’s National Policy Forum, the Shadow Cabinet and the National Executive Committee. It reflects all parts of the labour movement, including grassroots Labour Party members, representatives of affiliates such as trade unions, and elected politicians.
The commissions are:
• Stability and Prosperity Policy Commission
• Work and Business Policy Commission
• Living Standards and Sustainability Policy Commission
• Stronger, Safer Communities Policy Commission
• Education and Children Policy Commission
• Health and Care Policy Commission
• Better Politics Policy Commission
• Britain’s Global Role Policy Commission
Labour has invited everyone – members and non-mambers – to visit the Commissions on the ‘Your Britain’ site and contribute to the development of policy for the next election.

You can also download the e book edited by John Cruddas and help us to build a better Britain.

Adel and Wharfedale Branch have been debating banking over the last months. We’ve just submitted a response to the Stability and Prosperity Commission as part of the development of policy for the election manifesto.
The submission calls for substantial reform of the banking in Britain.

Why not read our submission here.

You can vote for our submission. And you can send your own comments to the Your Britain Website.

So get involved
– by visiting the website and commenting
– but also by joining us, coming along to our branch meetings and becoming part of our debate


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