Three years after the formation of David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Government youth unemployment is nearly 1 million and long-term unemployment is still rising. But only last month the Tory-led government voted to block Labour’s plans to use the money already being spent through public procurement to create thousands of new apprenticeship opportunities.labour_at_work
Unlike the Tories, Labour is serious about tackling youth and long-term unemployment. Labour will:
1. guarantee a job to any young person who has been out of work for over a year as part of our Compulsory Jobs Guarantee;
2. pledge to create 33,000 new apprenticeships through the High Speed rail programme;
3. will use government contracts to boost apprenticeships – any contract over £1 million will be expected to include them.
This will provide real help for young people looking to get on in life.
Despite the Coalition cuts on local authority spending, supported by local Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland, Labour councils are making a difference right now. In Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield we’ve created Apprenticeship Agencies, organising training and work opportunities for thousands of apprentices, and the Labour Youth Jobs Taskforce is working to bring business, trade unions and local government together to tackle youth unemployment.

Labour has an alternative to Cameron and Clegg’s destructive ‘leave it to the market’ policy – but we need your help to tell people. To see how you can do this, visit.

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