Ed Miliband is today setting out six of the key economic Bills that would appear in a Labour Queen’s Speech next week: a One Nation programme with new ideas to begin turning Britain’s economy around.
 Ed Miliband

Labour’s economic plans include:

• A Jobs Bill to put in place a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee.

• A Finance Bill that would kick-start our economy and help make work pay with a 10p rate of tax.

• A Consumers Bill to tackle rip-off energy bills and train fares.
• A Banking Bill that backs British business with a real British Investment Bank and new regional banks.

• A Housing Bill that would take action against rogue landlords and extortionate fees in the private rented sector.

• An Immigration Bill with economic measures that put an end to workers having their wages undercut illegally by employers exploiting migrant labour.

He will use a speech in Newcastle-under-Lyme to highlight how this Tory-led Government has now had three years in office in which it has shown it is out of touch with the British people, run out of ideas on how to turn our country around, and carried on regardless with a failed economic plan which offers only more of the same. 
He will say that in the last three years Britain has got worse, not better:

• Worse on jobs: with one million young people unemployed and more people out of work than when David Cameron became Prime Minister.

• Worse on growth and living standards: with the economy flatlining for two and a half years, and families paying the price with real wages down £1,700 since the election.

• Worse with the banks: with lending to businesses still falling.

• Worse with housing: with new housing starts falling and more families being left in the private rented sector with rising rents and too little security.

• Worse with family bills: with energy bills having risen by £300, while the profits of the energy companies have soared.

He will call for a Queen’s Speech next week which sets out an economic programme which can begin rebuilding our economy so that we can work together for a recovery made by the many.
Setting out the key economic Bills in Labour’s Alternative Queen’s speech, he will say Britain needs new ideas, a recognition that the real wealth creators are all the people who put in the hours and do the shifts – not just a few at the top – and a relentless focus on our economy
. . . . That’s how we rebuild Britain.”

You can read details of Labour’s alternative Queen’s Speech here.

These are just part of Labour’s developing One Nation policy. Fairness and justice for everyone.

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