The run up to the General Election has started and Labour Party members can get involved now.

Adel and Wharfedale Branch is part of the NW Leeds Constituency and you should have received a letter, or will receive one shortly, describing the selection process for the Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency.  Any member who has been a paid up Labour Party member for at least 6 months on April 19th 2013 can take part in the selection process. As explained in the letter, the selection committee will draw up a short list but the final decision will be made by members at two hustings meetings on Sat July 27th.  A ballot will be taken at the meetings but postal votes are available for members who will be unable to attend (please note you do have to give the reason for non attendance).  A postal vote application form is included with the letter but it is important to respond quickly as applications must be returned no later than 5pm on Friday, May 24th.  If you are away on Sat July 27th, for example you may have a holiday booking, please make sure you apply for your postal vote in time.

Should an emergency arise after this date you may apply for an emergency postal vote, again giving  a reason.

NW Leeds Constituency is one of Labour’s target seats so don’t miss the opportunity to influence the future of the Labour Party in NW Leeds.

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