Leeds North West Constituency

Wrap-up Leeds is the Council’s completely free insulation scheme. Although the free offer was available to anyone who owned their own home or rented it privately in Leeds, the scheme was targeted at properties the council knew stood to benefit the most.images

In less than a year 10,007 lofts and cavity walls have been insulated in 8,098 privately owned and rented homes.

In some cases this has been first time insulation, in others existing loft insulation has been topped up. The results are impressive.

Residents are now expected to save a combined total of £1.4million on their energy bills every year.
The council estimates that around 500 people have been lifted out of fuel poverty thanks to the scheme.
And because residents are now using less energy to keep their homes heated, the environment is a winner too. It’s estimated that CO2 emissions from Leeds’ domestic properties will now be cut…

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