Tomorrow is Europe Day, 9 May. With all the bilge in the right-wing press about the EU, it’s good to be reminded of the many positive things Europe has meant.McAvan_20134f75fa451ded

Here are 5 Facts about the European Union – from our MEP, Linda McAvan

1. The European Union protects your worker’s rights. Your right to paid holidays, breaks, maternity pay, parental leave, improved rights for agency workers and part time staff are guaranteed by the European Union. The Conservatives have said they want to cut this legislation by 50%.

2. Our region has received £1,656 million in EU development funding in the past 14 years. Development funding is just 1 of 27 different types of funding from the EU that we benefit from.

3. The European Arrest Warrant means that more than 300 individuals wanted in connection with sexual and violent crimes have been returned to the UK to stand trial since the EAW began in 2004. The Tories want to opt out of cross border crime laws.

4. MEPs have got EU wide agreement to curb banker’s bonuses to stop excessive risk taking. Europe’s banks are so interconnected that collective action was needed. Any unilateral measures to tackle risky bankers would have simply encouraged them to move across Europe. Now bankers bonuses are capped at the same level as their annual salary, right across the EU. Again, the Tories and UKIP opposed these measures.

5. The EU constantly works to improve consumer rights. ​The cost of mobile phone calls, texts and data roaming whilst in Europe has been drastically reduced thanks to EU regulation. Delayed passengers are also now looked after and are entitled to benefits including compensation under EU consumer rights laws.

“As part of the Europe celebrations, party members have the opportunity to attend a special lecture by visiting German MP Axel Schaefer. You can read more information about how to book tickets below. You can also download an electronic copy of my annual report and find out more about my twitter campaign to celebrate on the day. I wish you all a great Europe day.” Linda

Follow Linda’s Europe day campaign on Twitter.
As part of the Europe Day festivities, Linda will be tweeting all day about some of the projects, buildings and schemes funded by the European Union in our region. She will be using the hashtag #EUFunding4Yorks so why not tweet her with EU projects in your area and retweet some of hers. EU funding has been spent right across the region so the tweets will be coming thick and fast!

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