Housing estates across the city have been given a boost by further spending on commercial properties. The council has committed to invest an additional £130,000 to maintain premises it owns which are occupied by businesses such as post offices, grocers and takeaways and, as a result, increasing the lifespan and rental life of the buildings.These businesses often provide a retail and business centre for the community. Income generated from these premises amounts to over £1.3million per annum, which does not include additional income such as business rates and council tax. The rental income is used to continue supporting businesses and services in and around council housing estates throughout the city. A further £162,000 has been spent on repairs to these buildings during the last financial year.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Executive board member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said: “It is important that we invest in housing estates across the city to bring them up to a decent standard to improve the look and feel of communities. “The aim of the refurbishment work is to make each site the hub of the estate and to offer a range of different uses be it retail, office or industrial. “The income the council generates from these properties can be used to continue to support these businesses and services throughout the year.

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