Earlier this month, whilst David Cameron was away in America opening
negotiations for an EU/US trade deal the Tory party and the media were more concerned about the vote on an EU referendum.

Copy_of_LindaSpeaking.RegConf.2010 As Linda McAven writes in her newsletter ‘The deal could be worth as much as £10 billion to the UK economy,  yet sadly his efforts were undermined. As the Prime Minister stood alongside President Obama, the media questions were not about the trade deal, but about his two cabinet ministers who announced on TV that they would vote to leave the EU, and about his back benchers opposing his own party’s Queen’s speech. Whilst the Tories continue to put their internal squabbles and Euroscepticism before jobs and growth, it is time for us to stand up for the real national interest. The Eurosceptic argument that the UK should leave the EU and seek to trade with the emerging economies and nations outside the EU is a pipe dream. The UK alone would not be able to secure such a major trade agreement if we were outside the European Union. The EU is the world’s largest trading bloc and has the economic might to negotiate trade deals that will benefit all member states. It is time the Government united in pursuing an agenda for jobs and growth, using the EU to its advantage, and put party infighting aside once and for all.

Read more about Linda’s work in Europe.

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