hs21The proposed £32bn high speed rail route is claimed to be a major development for Leeds. It could reduce the current Leeds to London Kings Cross rail journey time of two hours and 15 minutes by almost an hour and it is expected it could be running by 2032.

But many have voiced concerns over the cost of the route, the noise and pollution. There are questions about the benefits to the area with claims that the project is a waste of money and developing links across the north of the country by investing in upgrading the rail system between Manchester, Leeds, York and Hull would be a more effective way of boosting the local economy.

There is to be a public debate at Leeds Metropolitan University’s Rose Bowl on Monday June 27th from 6.30 to 8.30pm

The debate ‘The Fast Train is a Strain not a Gain’ will be chaired by Martin Wainwright

Tickets cost £10 and are selling fast.  For more information or to book, call Sarah Goodgrove on 01924 229 308 .

Go to the Yorkshire Post website for the article about the debate and more details.

For further information about the project go to the HS2 website

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