KammmolchmaennchenThe great crested newt is a protected species and if you have any information about them being seen in Moseley Beck please contact us at email webadmin@awlabour.info

A local resident believes that when she played in Moseley Bottom as a girl there were great crested newts in and around the beck. Another resident says there were many newts in the area of Moseley Beck and all the way up to None Go Bye farm.
This is one of the areas which appears in the city council’s 2013 – 2028 planning as a site which could be used for almost 200 houses. There are many very good arguments for opposing development on this site but protecting the great crested newt population is another.
The Stategic Housing Land Allocation Assessments (SHLAA) document Site Details Housing North Leeds on page 143 flags this up. It states,
“Not supported (RED). No site-based designations but contains the Moseley Beck, semi-improved grassland areas and adjacent rank and wet grassland that forms a wildlife corridor function. Great Crested Newts to consider”.
So the city’s planners have already flagged up that the presence of the great crested newt could be a very serious potential problem on this particular site.

The public meeting to discuss for future housing developments in Cookridge is today Thursday June 13th at 7pm in Cookridge Village Hall .

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