Leeds North West Constituency

The NHS is coming up to its 65th birthday. But it has never been under greater threat. Over the next days, we will post regularly on this theme.
We begin today by publishing in full Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham’s statement of Labour’s position, made on 1 April 2013.M_0af8849c-2c02-cb84-717f-640f601aff34

Labour will repeal Cameron’s NHS market

- Hundreds of new NHS bodies have not been properly established, leaving NHS at “maximum risk” according to NHS chief.
– From Monday, NHS open to full-blown commercialisation
– Doctors required to put all contracts out to tender and hospitals able to earn up to 49% of income treating private patients
– Doctors not empowered or engaged by changes
-New figures from Labour reveal a third of laid-off managers, 2200, have been re-employed in the new structure.
Labour today warns that the NHS has been placed on a “fast-track to fragmentation and privatisation”.
David Cameron’s NHS…

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