Leeds North West Constituency

The coverage of government-led changes to the NHS and their impact by the mainstream media is disgraceful.
Wherever there’s a story which can be used to beat the NHS, it’s published and republished. But the results of privatisation – and what the government is doing to the NHS – never seem to make it to the top of the agenda.images-1

So here’s a little story you may well have missed.

The Stevenage Tory MP, Stephen McPartland, has called for the return of the Clinicenta/Carillion-owned Surgicentre in Stevenage to NHS control, after three people died following routine surgery.

The deaths are under investigation, and no verdict can be passed on their causes.
But Mr McPartland is in no doubt that, in general, the privatisation did not bring benefits to his constituents, and should be reversed.
“The service has never reached a satisfactory standard despite the best efforts of the NHS staff.’

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