Bramhope Residents have been invited to meetings on Friday 28th June at 7:30 at the Craven Memorial Hall on Old Lane and Tuesday 2nd July at 5:00 p.m. in the Methodist Church Hall, Eastgate.

The flyer advertising the meetings has a screaming headline

‘505 New Houses for Bramhope?
Leeds City Council’s Proposals for Housing mean a 30% increase in the size of Bramhope’


Leeds City Council Planners have been required by the Tory-LibDem Coalition Government to identify ALL POTENTIAL SITES WHICH MIGHT BE SUITABLE FOR HOUSING development in the period 2013 to 2028. This is a planning exercise about which the Council has no option – and there are financial penalties for non-compliance.

It does not mean that all sites mentioned are to be developed.

Go along to the meetings. Inform yourselves.

More important, have your say as part of the exercise – that’s what the consultation is all about.

But be clear what’s happening – and be wary of scare-mongering.

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