Leeds North West Constituency

Highlights include

Government gives EU funding for Yorkshire to Scotland.

‘Leave our workers’ rights alone!’
Join with Labour and the trade unions to sign a letter to Cameronhome_content_header_image

Labour MEPs send warning to ‘tax dodgers’
Linda joined with fellow Labour MEPs to vote for a package of measures that would tackle tax dodging, to stem the 850 billion pounds loss across Europe to public finances due to tax fraud and avoidance. According to HMRC figures, in the UK alone £9 billion is lost every year which could pay for the construction of more than 600 new schools or over 50 new hospitals or pay the annual salaries of over 330,000 police officers. The measures will include the creation of an EU wide black list of tax havens, and a ban on companies who are ‘dodging’ taxes from being awarded public contracts.

And, as usual, you can count on UKIP for…

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