On Saturday Labour supporters were out on street stalls around the country campaigning to protect one of our greatest institutions: the National Health Service.NHS collage3

It was a fantastic weekend and here are a few numbers to show you what we achieved:
Over the weekend Labour’s online NHS campaign reached over 2.8 million people around the country – one of our biggest online campaigns ever
Labour had over 100 events on one of the hottest days of the year – and that doesn’t count events like that in Leeds the previous weekend.

We raised thousands of pounds from supporters.
We set a new record in the production of “I ♥ the NHS” cakes, muffins and iced buns!!

But most of all we reminded ourselves that if we’re going to protect the NHS we need to win in 2015.

This weekend was just the start. If we’re going to reverse the damage David Cameron is doing to the NHS and safeguard its future we need to organise on the ground and make sure we win the next election.

If you want to chip in and help Labour win, click here.

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