DevelopmentAdel & Wharfedale Labour Party has a clear policy on local development – at its heart is priority for building on brownfield sites, that is sites that have already been developed. [see our previous post ‘An open letter from Adel and Wharfedale Branch Labour Party to residents of Adel and Wharfedale Ward on local housing development’]

In view of that we’ve looked at the Issues and Options Plan for Outer North West and North Leeds, which Leeds City Council has been forced to produce by the Government. We have a view on the specific proposals in that plan in its current form, consistent with our policy, and you can see what that is by downloading this file Site allocations.

However, we’d be pleased to hear any views you may have. Please use the contact form below.

You can find information about options for development in Leeds, and information on how to comment on the Issues and Options Plan, at

Contact us to let us know your views.

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