Leeds North West Constituency

So Nick Clegg is to propose comparative assessments of children at the end of primary school.
Looks as if his pal Michael Gove would be in the bottom 10% for arithmetic.

First – he’s engineered a situation where we need 120,000 places for school children by September, but school places have been provided where there are no children!558049_10151234820857411_688187137_n

From September, as the Guardian reports, record numbers of children will be taught in Primary classes of 31 or more. Head teachers are being forced to use music rooms, school halls and sites are again being covered with temporary buildings to cope with the pressure of demand.

Yet the Government has funded the development of free schools in places where they are not needed.

Impact assessments of the first wave of free schools show that the Department for Education has privately recognised that primary schools have been established at a cost…

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