Leeds North West Constituency

The questions surrounding Lynton Crosby, lobbying and the Coalition’s policies continue to grow – though they are questions David Cameron does not want you to ask.

In an exclusive report based on leaked [ note ‘leaked’] documents the Guardian revealed that

‘The lobbying firm founded by the Tories’ chief election strategist, Lynton Crosby, advised private healthcare providers on how to exploit perceived “failings” in the NHS.’944481_10151493954607411_537161168_n

Linger a moment over that ‘perceived failings’. That doesn’t mean real failings – it means trying to exploit what people have been led to believe are failings. Led to believe by a media whose record on NHS  reporting is abysmal. A media whose recent reporting has involved downright distortion of statistics and reports, like that of Keogh; a media whose reportting emphasizes all the problems, without making clear the impact of Coalition cuts and re-organisation.

The Guardian goes on

“A Crosby Textor source said…

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