Leeds North West Constituency

Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, yesterday demanded that Culture Secretary Maria Miller forge a ‘survival strategy’ for arts and culture outside London as new figures show a funding crisis in Yorkshire and the Humber compared to London.L_9209bc4c-607b-9a14-e134-b5b5e50ee651

Arts Funding comes in three ways – philanthropy, the Arts Council and Local Councils.

Yorkshire and the Humber has been hit in all three.

Figures obtained through a written parliamentary question show that the lion’s share of philanthropy is concentrated in London. Only 2.4% of philanthropic giving went to Yorkshire and the Humber in 2010/2011; 71% went to London. That works out as philanthropic giving of £3.06 per head in Yorkshire and the Humber, compared to £59.52 in London.

New figures also show the Arts Council spends £5.30 per head on arts organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber, compared to £21.33 per head in London…

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