Leeds North West Constituency

Labour has unveiled its candidates to fight the 2014 European Elections in Yorkshire and the Humber.

They are – in order:

1. Linda MCAVAN
2. Richard CORBETT
4. Asghar KHAN
6. Darren HUGHES

Two of them – Eleanor Tunnicliffe and Asghar Khan – are from Leeds. You can read more about all of them on our Page – European Elections 2014, under ‘About Us’.

Linda McAvan, Labour’s sitting Yorkshire & Humber MEP who tops the list having been reselected, said:

“I am delighted with the strong list of Labour candidates. They are a diverse group from all walks of life across Yorkshire and the Humber, and will be an asset in next year’s campaign to ensure everyone can make an informed decision about who really represents their best interests in Europe.

“Only Labour is standing up for people in this region and fighting the…

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