Leeds North West Constituency

We rather wish we did not have to constantly post on Local Government Funding. It’s the sort of area where, these days, news is usually bad news. But, as we’ve said before, Local Government funding matters to every single one of us. It determines what the Council can and can’t do for us. And, once again, the news is bleak.

It has been revealed this week that Yorkshire councils may have to find further savings of up to £150m as a result of unforeseen Government funding cuts.
Local authorities in the region were already expecting to have to find £300m of savings after Chancellor George Osborne set out his spending plans for the 2015-16 financial year in June.

But details that have now emerged of the way Whitehall-level cuts will feed through to local authorities have left councils in Yorkshire fearing that figure could end up being closer to £450m.

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