Leeds North West Constituency

Party-funding has slipped out of the headlines. Must be those important economic moves by Mr Pickles to allow parking in driveways and force the building of wheelie-bin shelters which have driven it off the agenda. [Might think about building affordable and social houses first, Eric]. Well, this is after all the ‘silly season’ in politics.

But serious business shouldn’t be forgotten. And figures available on Tory party funding for the second quarter of this year are serious business which deserves more attention.1003992_544203725644163_2129169521_n

Analysis of Conservative Party donations from April to June, shows that they received £1,042,970.93 in this last quarter from donors who attended private dinners with David Cameron and other senior Ministers.

This includes £694,370 from donors in the financial sector.

The Tories’ own list of donors who attended Leader’s Group dinners in the second quarter of 2013 is published here.
And here’s a list of…

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