Leeds North West Constituency

Tomorrow, Saturday 24 August, there will be a Mass Sleep Out to protest against the Bedroom Tax.
The aim is to synchronise events across the country – to raise awareness of impending mass homelessness which the Bedroom Tax will produce. Thousands will be protesting. images

Events are happening in all the major cities in the UK. 60+ are planned to date – from Belfast to Birmingham, Airdrie to Southampton. Find out more on Facebook

There are local events in Wakefield and in Leeds.
Here in Leeds people will be meeting at 7 p.m. – outside the Art Gallery. You can get details, and sign up to show you’ll be going here.

Alex Sobel, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North West, will be there at 8 p.m. – to show his solidarity. Alex, along with Neil Walshaw, Councillor for Headingley Ward, is a long-standing campaigner against the Bedroom Tax.

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