Read Ed Miliband’s own words – not the media’s spin

Leeds North West Constituency

There has been so much ill- informed and viciously spun comment on Ed Miliband’s position on Syria.
We publish below his statement to Labour Party members.

‘Like everyone, I have been horrified by the pictures of men, women and children gasping for breath in Syria. In Parliament just now, I laid out my plan for how Britain should respond.

My position is clear: any action that our country supports must be legal, legitimate and effective. Our country must not make the same mistakes that happened ten years ago.

Our desperate desire to help stop this suffering in Syria must not lead us to rushed or wrong decisions.

You can see my full roadmap for action in Syria by watching my speech to Parliament:

If we are to ask yet more of the most exceptional of our country’s men and women — those in our forces — it must be on…

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