PICT0208-940x340 Last Saturday C.R.A.G (Cookridge Residents Action Group) got together to sing a song.

The residents are so angry about plans to develop the land to the west of Moseley Woods Gardens known as the Moseley Bottoms they wrote a calypso to tell the world all about it. Last Saturday they collected in Moseley Wood Gardens to perform their calypso and you can see them on U-tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59R8FqPnVxs.

The site is renowned locally as being boggy and can be subject to severe flooding , hence the name Soggy Bottom and possibly the reason the site is also known to be the home to a wide variety of wildlife.  Despite these important facts it hasn’t stopped Taylor Wimpey applying for planning permission for 200 houses.
Put alongside the number of vacant properties and brownfield sites available for development in the city it would seem more sensible for the land to be reclassified as green belt and to use the land to provide local residents with a natural open space and playground for local children.
You can read more about their campaign on their website at http://www.cragleeds.co.uk/

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