Mark Henley has been chosen to fight Adel and Wharfedale in the Council elections in 2014.
Mark has lived in North Leeds for the past fifteen years. He’s a barrister, who has been in self-employed practice in Leeds for eighteen years: and has long experience of working for local people as a professional advocate on issues including housing disrepair, homelessness and overcrowding, and domestic violence.

Mark is married and his wife works at the University of Leeds.

Mark’s a life-long Labour Party member, with a commitment to Labour values of fairness and social justice. This commitment is rooted in his childhood: his mother was a Trades Unionist and he grew up in a deprived area of Tyneside in the Thatcher years. It’s also forged in his own experience, of a spinal injury in his early 20’s, which made him temporarily disabled and dependent on benefits.

He’ll be campaigning on issues that matter to local people, and his immediate priorities include:

– the redevelopment of Holt Park Centre, working in full consultation with local people to ensure this becomes a real opportunity to bring new facilities and jobs to the area;

– opposing green field developments, such as Moseley Wood Bottoms in Cookridge and Miller Homes at Brearley Lane East in Bramhope, and developing brown field sites with proper infrastructure;

– improving local transport, and making sure that we maintain local bus services.

He’s a good listener, and he’ll be looking to hear more about what’s concerning residents in Adel and Wharfedale and putting his advocacy skills to use campaigning for Adel and Wharfedale constituents over the next months.

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