From 13 November the Children’s Play Area and Skate Park in Pool in Wharfedale will be covered by a Dog Exclusion order – thanks to an extension of Dog Orders by Leeds City Council.2013_10131308050199

What does this mean?

Anyone in charge of a dog will commit an offence if, at any time, they take their dog on to the Play Area, or allow it to enter or remain there.

This doesn’t apply to the specially trained dogs which assist the blind, deaf or others with a disability – dogs which play such an important role, and which are trained by e.g Dogs for the Disabled, Support Dogs or Canine Partners for Independence.

But it will mean a fine for anyone allowing their dog to go into this area, used by children. It should put an end to the fouling and nuisance they can bring.

The Play Area in Pool is one of 15 places which Leeds City Council has chosen for these orders.

Mark Henley, Labour’s candidate for Adel and Wharfedale in the 2014 Leeds City Council elections, has welcomed the order. ‘Dogs are great – but in the right place. And a children’s play area isn’t one of them.’

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