Leeds North West Constituency

Today Headingley councillors used a full council meeting to speak out against the use of rape culture as a promotional tool for a student night in Leeds.Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 17.44.26bigpic-1

Councillors Neil Walshaw and Janette Walker (Labour, Headingley) spoke at the full council meeting to criticize a promotional video for student club night ‘Tequila’ entitled ‘Fresher’s Violation’. The video features mock interviews with club goers including one student saying that a girl was going to “get raped” and that they would “violate” first year students. Another student said that “Violated is a very strong word, I would say ‘take advantage’ of someone”. bigpic

SARSVL [Support After Rape and Sexual Violence in Leeds] and others, including the Councillors, have already objected.

Leeds Uni Feminist Society have organised a protest at Mezz, there’s been an online petition, and widespread condemnation.

West Yorkshire Police have now applied to Leeds Licensing Authority for a review of The Mezz…

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