Holt Park 3If you live in the Holt Park area or use the shops, library or Holt Park Active then you will be interested in the planning process for the regeneration of Holt Park Centre.
Holt Park District Centre was built in the 1970s and provides a range of local services, primarily an ASDA foodstore, Ralph Thoresby School and the new Holt Park Active. Holt Park 1

There is now the opportunity to use the land previously occupied by the former school site and Holt Park Leisure Centre to create a new thriving centre for the community and users of the centre.
The Council has prepared the draft Planning Statement for Holt Park District Centre setting out development opportunities for the redundant land including retail, housing and an improved public space and is asking for comments on the proposals.
The Council’s vision for Holt Park is to deliver a new focus for Holt Park by reconnecting the centre’s new and existing facilities.
The site opportunities are laid out in the Planning Consultation document and include new housing, including provision for older people, retail and better and greener public space for all ages.
A brochure with more information, including a plan of the possibilities and comment forms, is available here and all the planning consultation documents and comment forms are available from Holt Park Library and on the Council web site.

The closing date for comments is Tuesday November 26th

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