Worried about your heating bills?

You’re not alone.
OPAL are worried, and especially about the elderly in our local community and how they will cope this winter.warmwelllogosmaller

OPAL – Old People’s Action in the Locality – is a registered charity which supports the over 60’s living in Cookridge, Ireland Wood, Tinshill, Holt Park, Adel and Bramhope. 
(Leeds 16 above the Ring Road)

They are campaigning to raise funds to help the elderly – who are among those most badly affected by rising energy bills – with their ‘Warm and Well’ appeal.

‘If you can easily stay warm this winter without spending your Winter Payment on fuel, why not help us to help older, vulnerable people who will struggle with their heating costs this winter. Donate some or all of your payment to help OPAL lend out heaters or provide blankets, duvets and warm food and drink. If the weather is really bad we will shop for people so that they have the basics they need.
An OPAL member has already donated their payment telling us “Why should I keep my Winter Fuel Payment when some people nearby can’t afford to turn their heating on?”

Please call them if you would like to donate or give online via their Local Giving page – where the ‘Grow Your Tenner 2013’ campaign is currently running to increase your donation for FREE! Click here for more details.

Or you can visit their office in the Holt Park centre.

Help them combat the evil of Fuel Poverty.

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