For those in Adel, Bramhope, Cookridge, Pool and Holt Park who are interested in planning questions

Leeds North West Constituency

Mr Mulholland has posted a piece on his website this week about housing, planning – and, inevitably, about Leeds Labour Council. We’re reluctant to give yet more time to Mr Mulholland’s statements. We’ve covered his outpourings on Otley’s ‘secret talks’ this week already. But the issue of housing and planning is a burning one in Leeds North West – and rightly so. It is thus essential that people be very accurately informed about the situation. As usual, Mr Mulholland’s post is self-serving rather than space1

Many of Mr Mulholland’s statements start from the assumption of a villain, or dragon – Leeds Labour Council – against which he rides out as the pantomime hero. This time it is Leeds Labour Council which has plans to ‘concrete over Leeds North West‘ – his earlier words. It is their evil ways which have to be tackled. It is they who must be slain…

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