More on the implications of the Autumn Statement for Housing and Planning in Adel and Wharfedale

Leeds North West Constituency

open space1SIGOMA – does that mean anything to you?

Well, perhaps it should do. It stands for ‘Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities’ – a grouping within the Local Government Association outside London. Leeds is part of it.
SIGOMA monitors, reports and highlights changes which affect Councils like Leeds.
Their reports always make important reading.
What they consistently show is the widening divide between London and the South East on the one side, and the rest of the country – including and especially Northern cities like Leeds – on the other.

In a recent report, SIGOMA highlighted the ‘startling’ differences which have appeared as a result of the Coalition Government’s changes since it took office in 2010.
By 2012 London and South East budgets had grown by £235 million, whilst the rest of England had shared a net loss of £4.5bn.
‘The Government has shifted its policy away from funding…

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