Our scribe Andreas Bowlus sent the following report from Outermost Bramhope.

“The natives are revolting. Almost 1000 objections on the council website to Miller Homes proposal for new houses in Bramhope reflects a residents revolt. The 380 proposed homes encompass more land than the Roman Legion confiscated. Residents have responded to the call from the parish council to object. The parish council is supported by Adel and Wharfedale Labour Party and Leeds North West Constituency Labour party with a wide range of allied local worthies and organisations.

Boudicca harangues - the people of Bramhope??
Boudicca harangues – the people of Bramhope??

Miller Homes threaten more open space than the local Roman fort and surrounding township or vicuña. The local Roman settlement at Carbodunum was smaller than the Miller Homes proposal and Carbodunum was the largest Roman Site in West Yorkshire.

At least the Roman legion was prepared to fund the infrastructure with an extensive road network, a range of local facilities (including a baths) and housing for the whole community. The Roman Empire had a more rational central administration.
Now Emperor PickloGovus has issued his NPPF decree and left the provincial government in Loidis powerless. PickloGovus has unleashed his force of mercenary developers under the leadership of D Millerius before Loidis even gets its own local SHLAA* in place. And there’ll be no possibility of planning for new schools – though I’m reliably informed there will be numberless baths, at a price.

But the spirit of Boudicca lives on. The residents of Bramhope may not be considering painting themselves in woad, taking to their chariots to crucify the coalition and requesting the head of Eric Pickles on a platter – yet.
But D Millerius take note – there’s a long tradition of opposition to land grabs in North West Leeds.
The A660 may yet foam with much blood.”

In the meantime, a merry Yuletide to all our readers.

*SHLAA -Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – the Leeds Strategic Plan which the tyrant PickloGovus has demanded.

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