Important information for all those living in Adel and Wharfedale

Leeds North West Constituency

On Monday this week the Twitter sphere and some local press were alive with rumours and misleading reports about Leeds bin collection.
Many people seem to have misread the Council’s proposals here – and jumped to a whole series of conclusions

-that Leeds is proposing that in future there will be no free wheelie bins provided

– that people will be charged for their wheelie bins.

-that heavy bins won’t be emptied

-that if rounds are not completed for any reason, the refuse-collectors will not return to pick them up.


Leeds City Council have issued the following clarification.

‘The council will continue to replace damaged or broken bins and provide bins to new properties free of charge.

Residents already have one bin provided for each of the services they receive. If a resident requests an additional green or black bin, this will only be provided…

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