This is the first of a series of posts explaining the Leeds Labour Council’s Budget for 2014-15.

Leeds North West Constituency

Leeds City Council has set its 2014/15 Budget. It is a budget set in the context of the most ferocious squeeze on Local Government finance in memory.IMG_6177

We are bringing you a series of posts over the next days, to inform you of the situation – and of the decisions the Council has made.

We begin today with the context in which Leeds Labour Council has had to set its budget for 2014/15.

That context points to the political and inegalitarian nature of the Coalition’s cuts.

The National Framework.

Between 2011/12 – 2015/16 local government funding will have been reduced nationally by a staggering 43%.

– this scale of reduction is the largest in the entire public sector. Local Government has taken much, much more than its fair share of the cuts

And it is far from over. The Coalition Government’s deficit reduction plan will continue for another 3 years…

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