sleuth 2Residents in Holt Park have recently received an “anonymous” leaflet that attacks a future Labour government and seeks to blame the Labour run Leeds City Council for the Lib Dem Tory cuts.

The Lib Dems want us to believe that the Labour-led City council is responsible for cutting local public services. We all know this is an election smear.

Who is the author of this rather unpleasant leaflet, there being no obvious sign?

sleuth 3Well reader, after studying the aforementioned document with my magnifying glass I can reveal the answer.  Hidden in the document, barely discernable to the naked eye are the words “Published and promoted by Leeds Lib Dems”.   Well I’m not surprised they don’t want be associated with their own leaflets anymore!


FACT ONE: The Lib Dem and Tory government has cut funding to Leeds City council by £130 million over four years knowing very well that the council has no choice but to cut its services.

FACT TWO:The Lib Dems and Tories are behaving like parents who cut their kid’s pocket money and then blame them for not buying their own lunch!

FACT THREE: The Lib Dem and Tory government is planning to take another £45 million away from Leeds next year.

FACT FOUR: Over the same spending period the Prime Minister’s own Oxford county council has received an increase in its government funding.

FACT FIVE:  Leeds City Council has frozen the council tax for the last THREE years. For next year, 2014- 2015, the Council has reluctantly increased the council tax by 1.99%. When the Council set the council tax not one single councillor – Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative voted against it.

FACT SIX: The council has tried to protect essential services and only set out its priorities after consulting with Leeds citizens.

sleuthThe Labour Sleuth says…

In the face of Lib Dems and Tories savage cuts to its funding, Leeds City Council is proud that it has been able to
Keep Surestart centres open;
– Ensure there have been no compulsory sackings of staff (unlike every Lib Dem run authority)
– Maintained the use of Police Community Support Officers
– Completed Holt Park Active which opened on 12 October 2013
– Increased the number of apprenticeships.

Labour sleuth quizmasterLabour Sleuth’s Quiz


Question One: Do you know who delayed the building of Holt Park Active by nearly two years?

Answer: Greg Mulholland’s friend, Lib Dem’s Danny Alexander who is George Osborne’s assistant.

Question Two: Do you know anyone who is either applying to go to university or is presently studying there?

Answer: If you do, then you probably know that thanks to the Liberal Democrats, university students will be paying up to £9000 each year for the privilege. This will leave them with a debt of £27,000 plus interest to pay off.

Question Three: Do you know anyone who has either had to start paying the bedroom tax or been forced to leave their home to go somewhere else because they cannot afford to stay?

Answer:If you do then you will also know that the bedroom tax was and remains supported by the liberal democrats.

Question Four: Do you know anyone whose son or daughter has left school to go to college?

Answer: If you do then you will also know that one of the first things the Liberal Democrats and Tories did when they came into power was to cut the Educational Maintenance Allowance that helped to fund their bus fares for travelling to college.

Question Five:Do you know anyone who has used a Food Bank?

Answer:If you do then you probably know that more than 600,000 people had had to use food banks between April and December last year alone. And you might also know that the Lib Dems in government have done nothing to end this crisis.

Question Six: Do you know anyone whose benefit has been sanctioned?

Answer: If you do, then you might also know that between September 2012 and September 2013 more than 500,000 people who were on Job Seekers Allowance received sanctions. You have the Lib Dem and Tory coalition to thank for this.

14 03 05 laughing male faceAnd here’s a joke…

How many liberal democrats does it take to change a light bulb?

Two: One to say the bulb doesn’t need changing and another to claim all the credit after someone else changed it.

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