Alex Sobel, Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds NW, has joined Yorkshire’s Labour MPs to express concern at falling wages and the over-reliance of the region’s jobs market on temporary work.

Annual real wages in Leeds North West have fallen by a mind boggling 17% – or more than £5300 – in the last three years. This is one of the very highest percentage falls in the entire Yorkshire and the Humber region.Screen_Shot_2014-03-23_at_09.07.44.png

Real-term wages in the Yorkshire and Humber region as whole are now almost £2000 lower than they were in 2010, and well over 1 in 5 workers are earning less than the living wags [£7.65 per hour].

Alex says

‘While I welcome recent small falls in the overall unemployment figures, Labour has highlighted that 800,000 people – one in three workers in Yorkshire – are in part-time or temporary work. Worse still are the growing numbers in zero hour contracts who have no guarantueed hours of work week to week.

More than a third say they’re only doing temporary work because they cannot find a permanent position.

Then there is the problem of the long-term unemployed.

Labour’s compulsory jobs guarantee would take 220 people in Leeds North West out of long-term unemployment, by offering them a proper full-time job which is a proper alternative to the Coalition’s workfare where the long-term unemployed work for their benefits pumping up the profits of the employers.’

These figures are taken from the third edition of the Jobs and Opportunities Bulletin  – a regular summary of the latest national employment statistics focused exclusively on Yorkshire and the Humber.

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