Leeds North West Constituency

Last week found our LibDem MP Greg Mulholland at the Palace of Westminster.
While he was there, he took the opportunity to ask a friend of his a question – and, what a surprise, to throw some mud at Leeds Labour-controlled City Council.images

The friend in question was Mr David Laws, Minister for Schools, and like Mr Mulholland a Lib Dem.

Mr Mulholland’s question was prefaced by an assertion:
“After the debacle of Labour-run Leeds city council closing schools a number of years ago, now that we need some, what work is going on to have discussions with the Department for Communities and Local Government about how this problem can be avoided in future?”

Here’s Mr Laws’ answer:
My hon. Friend is exactly right. One of the reasons there are pressures in some parts of the country is that under the previous Government over 200,000 primary school places were eliminated…

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