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The Right and Wrong Sorts of Older People
Lynton Crosby, the Tories’ highly paid campaign consultant and sometime lobbyist for tobacco giant Phillip Morris, has advised the Tories that the way to win the general election is by cosying up to the older generations i.e. the retired and soon to-be-retired voters. He calculates that not only are these citizens likely to vote – compared, for example with young people – but they are most likely to vote Tory. 1234756_10151609383422411_625273868_n

So it came as no surprise to anyone that the Chancellor announced in his recent budget that the coalition government was going to change the pension rules to enable retiring people to cash in their work contributory pensions and not be forced into buying an annuity. Over the following days George Osborne and his Lib Dem sidekick, Danny Alexander, hawked their policy around every media outlet that would give them air-time or…

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