MWB from CRAG Leeds City Council has questioned the proposed plan to build up to 200 homes on the area of land behind Moseley Wood Gardens known locally as Moseley Wood Bottoms or, more appropriately, Soggy Bottom. At a meeting of the City Plan Panel on Thursday April 10th, councillors raised a number of questions about the proposed development and urged the developers, Taylor Wimpey, to investigate further the cause of the drainage issues and potential solutions ahead of formal consideration of the proposals later this year.

Cookridge residents have serious concerns that any homes built on the site would be at risk of flooding and almost 250 local residents have submitted objections to the plans. The risk of flooding is possibly the most serious but there are also concerns about the local services such as schools being oversubscribed and the loss of woodland and green space. CRAG (Cookridge Residents Action Group) should be congratulated on the work they have done to highlight the various issues around building on the site and Adel and Wharfedale Branch of the Labour Party have fully supported the campaign. We have written previously about the progress of the proposed plans and the branch submitted a detailed objection to the Council whilst many members also responded individually.

The Labour Lead council took the decision to revisit the application against the very loose National Policy Planning Framework following a meeting, arranged by Alex Sobel, Leeds NW Parliamentary Labour candidate, between Peter Gruen, senior planning officers and CRAG members to revisit some aspects of the planning application particularly around flooding.

Whilst this is not the end of the story it is a major victory for Cookridge residents.

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