Leeds North West Constituency

Mark Henley has welcomed Cookridge Residents’ planning victory, as Leeds Labour Council halts Taylor Wimpey’s development at Moseley Wood Bottom.
Flash flood of the area in 1982 Flash flood of the area in 1982
There has been a significant victory – for the residents of Cookridge, and the action group CRAG [Cookridge Residents Action Group].
There’s also been a significant decision on the part of Leeds City Council, who have listened carefully to local concerns and put the proposed development on hold.
As we’ve reported before, the Coalition’s National Planning Policy Framework stacks the cards in favour of developers and against the Council. So the Council’s decision here is a double victory for local democracy.

Taylor Wimpey have been pressing to develop the greenfield site at the rear of Moseley Wood Gardens.

Local people have put up a spirited campaign against the proposed development– and Adel and Wharfedale Labour Party have stood with them. CRAG raised…

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