Leeds North West Constituency

Today the Minister for Universities, Science and Cities made a written statement – postponing the planned cuts to Disabled Students’ Allowances which the LibDem/Tory Coalition announced last spring. In view of the problems Universities would have had stepping into the breach left by the cuts, Greg Clark has agreed to put them off – until autumn 2016.

Alex Sobel has campaigned very hard on this issue. Disability is a cause dear to his heart – and he has a track record of real achievement in helping disabled people fulfil their potential.
When the cuts were announced last spring he was appalled. He immediately gave his backing to the National Union of Students’ Campaign against the cuts.
He spoke passionately in Council on the subject
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 16.23.04
And he launched his own petition against the cuts.

So naturally he’s delighted to hear that there’s been a rethink – but less happy that they…

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