Clive Efford’s Bill to halt rush to privatisation is very important – give the campaign all the support you can

Leeds North West Constituency

In November, Labour MP Clive Efford is putting forward a Private Members Bill to stop David Cameron’s sell off of the NHS.
Clive’s Bill will reverse Cameron’s devastating privatisation of our NHS by:
▪ Restoring the central duty on the Secretary of State to provide National Health Services
▪ Removing Cameron’s dangerous competition requirements
▪ Curbing the ability of NHS hospitals to provide private services
▪ Removing the additional duties awarded to Monitor so there is no longer any conflict of interest
▪ Repealing the S.75 competition regulations

The Bill would hold the fort – pending the May 2015 election.
The Labour Party has backed Clive’s bill – and Andy Burnham has called on Tories and LibDems to do the same

“we know that the threat to the NHS is real – and that it can’t wait for an election.
That is why Labour is supporting a Private Member’s Bill…

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