Good news for Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill. NHS England today announced that Holt Park Surgery will not now close.

Alex Sobel with Al Garthwaite and members  of Adel and Wharfedale Labour Party deliver petition to NHS England
Alex Sobel with Al Garthwaite and members of Adel and Wharfedale Labour Party deliver petition to NHS England

This decision follows a successful community campaign, led by Labour parliamentary candidate Alex Sobel and Labour’s local election candidate here in Adel and Wharfedale, Mark Henley, and Al Garthwaite, our candidate in Weetwood.

The surgery, which serves the Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill area, contacted patients at the end of last year about the proposed closure, suggesting they transfer to the GP practice at Moor Grange.

“A lot of local people got in touch with me about the proposed closure because of concern about the difficulties in getting to the new surgery,” said Alex. “Moor Grange is two miles from Holt Park surgery, especially challenging for people who are unwell or frail. The bus service is irregular and for some patients the new journey would involve two buses.”

Working with patients at the practice, Alex, Mark and Al knocked on doors and organised street stalls to gather over 500 signatures for a petition against the closure.
They presented the petition to NHS England, the body responsible for commissioning GP services, on 11 February, calling on it to intervene in the closure and make sure that the views and needs of patients were properly considered.

The petition also pointed out that current housing development in Bodington Manor, Cookridge Hospital and Centurion Fields with more planned in the area, including older people’s housing next to the Holt Park surgery, is increasing the population, creating a need for more not fewer GP services in the area.

“The proposals failed to recognise planned local development and its needs,” said Alex Sobel. “Today’s announcement is excellent news for Holt Park patients, and a great outcome to the community campaign that Labour is proud to have supported.”

If you want to support the campaign for Alex – and for Mark here in Adel and Wharfedale – sign up now.

2 thoughts on “Good News for Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill: Labour community campaign heads off surgery closure

  1. What efforts are going to be made to advise patients who were scared away from the Holt Park Surgery, and who registered at alternative practices. Will they be written to and invited back to the practice?

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